Our Technology

With a recognized international presence and over 100 years of combined industry experience, AYP has become a leader in the global coating industry. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for previously unsolved problems.


Prior to our development of the IKGroup solutions, nothing would adhere to commercial kitchen floor and wall surfaces. Currently these surfaces require costly labor intensive replacement, always resulting in down time and more importantly, loss of revenue. When we align our goals with those of our clients, we create the right solution - and always at the LOWEST COST.


Our goal has always been to do it faster, easier, and better than any other system.

Most importantly, always the LOWEST COST solution.

Our System
is best

No Prep.

Our Bond
is better.

Over 1000PSI of adhesion.

Our Performance
is unbeaten.

Exceptional resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.

Our Technology
is revolutionary.

Compliant with all major food safety regulations.

From Quarry Tile, FRP Wall Panels, to
Walk-In Coolers, we have a solution for every aspect of your kitchen.  



Comparative Advantage


24 hours

3 days

1 year


Cure Time

Installation Time


Installation Steps

>1000 PSI

5-8 hours


5 years

3 (clean, base, topcoat)

Area completed during off hour

2000 sq.ft.

PVC Flooring

No rating

24 hours


5 years

6 (clean, prep, install glue, joints, trim)

400 sq.ft.

Conventional Quarry Tile

7 (demo, grind, prep, thinset, cut, install, base, install)

Not possible


Compliant with all USDA/NSF Regulations

Adheres to impossible surfaces - even Quarry Tile and FRP Wall Panels

Overnight Work - Labor Cost reduction of 60% or more.

Stop Demolishing, Stop Grinding, Reduce your Prep to simply

"Wash, Dry, and Apply"

OK "as is"

5 Year Limited Warranty